Trucker - Series

Trucker series 15" Pro/Standard wheels are strong and affordable. These wheels are ideal for both on and off-road applications. The .135" thick DOT rolled rim shell includes safety beads to keep the tire "locked on the wheel." A large 13.3" ID dropwell provides for greater brake clearance. A high strength low alloy steel center is "draw-formed" with "coined "vent window that strengthen the spoke areas to reduce flex and deflection. Ten “D” vent windows allow for maximum brake cooling and gives this wheel a NASCAR® style look. (NOTE: 8 Lug is only available in a round hole style center).
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Chrome Rim / Raw Center

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16", 16.5" & 17” diameter Trucker series wheels utilize a heavy duty .156" thick DOT rolled rim shell. The center style is round hole giving this wheel a modular look. Great for trailer use also .

Available in (chrome looking) Silver powdercoat and also a Gloss Black powdercoat finish. Quality Chrome Plated finish is only available in the 8" shell and popular bolt patterns.




Options Available:
(08) Beadlock Kit Installed
(30) Double Backed Center

Size Weight Backspace
15x7" 22 lb 1" to 4"
15x8" 24.1/2 lb 1" to 4"
15x10" 30 lb 1" to 6.1/2"
16" 16.5 & 17 TRUCKER
Size Weight Backspace
16x6" 26 lb 1.1/2" to 3"
16x7" 28 lb 1.1/2" to 4"
16x8" 30 lb 1.1/2" to 5"
16x10" 34 lb 1.1/2" to 7"
16.1/2"x6.3/4" 30.1/2 lb 2"; to 4";
16.1/2"x8.1/4" 32.1/2 lb 2" to 5.1/2"
16.1/2"x9.3/4" 34.1/2 lb 2" to7"
16.1/2" x12" 37.1/2 lb 2" to 9.1/2"
17"x 8" 34 lb 1" to 5"

Standard Bolt Patterns
5x4.1/2, 5x4.3/4, 5x5

Optional Bolt Patterns
5x135, 5x5.1/2, 6x5.1/2
8x6.1/2, 8x170

Stud hole sizes:
5 bolt : 11/16" for 5/8" studs. (45 degree taper racing lug nuts.)
All other 5 bolt patterns (60 degree taper lug nuts.)
6 & 8 bolt: 5/8" for 9/16" studs (60 degree taper lug nuts.)

NOTE: These wheels are Lug Center and can't be spin balanced off the center pilot hole. To balance, spin off the bolt circle.