Pro Challenger Series

Pro-Challenger Wheels are lightweight “Competitively Priced” Spun Shell wheels with the popular “D” window center. This wheel out performs the rolled shell wheel without the premium spun shell price. The .095" thick spun formed shell mates with a center which is draw formed, stamped and has "Coined 'D' vent windows” to create a strong, lightweight and affordable racing wheel ideal for asphalt racing. Dirt racers will want to add the optional safety beads to keep the tire "locked" onto the wheel.
Sales price: $171.00
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Bolt Pattern
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Chrome Rim / Raw Center

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Available in (chrome looking) Silver powdercoat and also a Gloss Black powdercoat finish. Quality chrome plate finish as also available in 8" and 10"sizes.


Options Available:
(07) Safety Beads -Deep
(08) Beadlock Kit Installed

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Beadlock Kits on Page 28-29
Size Weight Backspace
15x8" 18 lb 2 to 5"
15x10" 20 lb 2 to 7"
15x12" 22 lb 2 to 9"
15x13" 23 lb 2 to 10"
15x14" 24 lb 2 to 11"
15x15" 25 lb 2 to 12"
15x17" 27 lb 2 to 14"
15x18" 29 lb 2 to 15"
*Denotes Available in Chorme
Pro/Challenger Bolt Patterns
5x4.1/2, 5x4.3/4, 5x5,
6-pin, 15x9.3/4, weld

Stud Hole Sizes:
5 bolt : 11/16" for 5/8" studs (45 degree taper racing lug nuts.)